America’s Fascist Movement

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryOn a personal note, I deeply resent being accused of “siding with the Communists.” This is another way of saying I am not one with the “tribe.” At a gathering of some Trump supporters, I was accused of being on the side of the Communists for saying such factual things as the last presidential election was free and fair, and Trump carried out an insurrection. I reminded these fascist clowns that I witnessed the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989, and I was almost stomped to death by anti-American leftist rioters in Seoul in 2002. For how I was treated by these people it was the last straw. I clearly have no love for Communists or leftist demonstrators. Now I have no love for Trump supporters either. It takes a lot for me to really hate someone, but the fanatical, blind and poorly educated (sadly, many are not so poorly educated. There are many who hold college and university degrees who support Trump) seem to have come to the conclusion that anyone who is not a God-fearing Christian Republican is “the enemy.”

First of all, I will state for the record that I am not a member nor supporter of the Democratic Party. I have not been one since 2011. Second, I am not and have never been a Christian. Since when is it illegal to be a non-Christian? It has become clear to me that these supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump want a country where the U.S. Constitution has no meaning, where one man has total dictatorial powers, where one religious group has “rights” and no one else does, and where it is fine to persecute religious, racial and ethnic minorities for what and who they are. Yes my dear readers, this is the meaning of the word Fascism. Anyone who is not part of the tribe is an enemy and a threat that must be removed. These people do not believe in freedom of any kind. They are against freedom of speech, against freedom of religion, and against peaceful protest. Heck, they do not seem to want to be peaceful themselves.

I am hoping for four things. First, Trump is not only tried but convicted of all the crimes he has committed. The number of crimes he is being tried for would put any ordinary persons like you and me away for some time. The only reason he is able to run around free is because he has tens of millions of fanatical followers who might commit acts of terror or other forms of violence. Second, we must have stronger laws in place to deal with another possible insurrection that might occur. I do not think these people will turn peaceful after what happened January 6, 2021. Some have said they will “try again.” Third, this country has done a poor job of educating the youth of this country about the dangers of both Communism and Fascism. This is why we have too many people who seem to be succumbing to one sick ideology or the other. Finally, I can only recommend to the Republican Party that it move beyond Donald Trump and nominate someone else for the Republican ticket for president. Trump is unfit to be president and should not even be remotely considered even if his followers want it. Just because we have so many people ready to jump over a cliff for one man and a twisted idea does not mean we all should.

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