Forward with the Forward Party?

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryCreated in 2021, the Forward Party’s slogan is, “neither left nor right, but forward.” Its official statement is to be different from the Democratic Party and Republican Party, which according to the Forward Party serve the extremes of left and right. All right, that much I accept. It does seem like the Democratic Party has moved to the left and the Republican Party further to the right. But what specifically does the Forward Party want? Among its goals is electoral reform, voting for the candidate and not the party, and getting rid of gerrymandering. Other things the Forward Party wants is to bring all people in regardless of whether they lean left, right or center. It is a position of not having extremism. If Americans work together, then “we can move forward.”

Noble sentiments. But let me play devil’s advocate. What exactly are the positions of the Forward Party on domestic issues such as abortion, gun ownership and gun control, and health care? Regardless of one’s political alignment, these issues are out there, and they are having a polarizing effect on all Americans. The Forward Party does not seem to have any specific position(s) on any of these issues. Trying to get Forward Party candidates elected and then have these issues hashed out once put into office may make dealing effectively with these issues difficult if not next to impossible. What about foreign policy? Will the Forward Party stand with America’s allies and against tyranny or turn isolationist? Does the Forward Party believe in honoring America’s treaty obligations with its allies?

I am well aware that the Forward Party was founded only a few years ago. There is much it has yet to hash out. The primary objective seems to be a centrist party standing between the two ruling parties. Yes, I believe a third party is necessary, and a centrist one to balance out the two extremes is a must considering where the Democratic and Republican parties have been going. But is it enough? In so many ways the Forward Party seems to be rather vague about where it wants to be. I understand where it wants to go, but without more specific principles and positions on the issues that affect us all it is questionable how the Forward Party can achieve its goals. I guess I am not sure where the Forward Party wants to be other than being a centrist party and a third party not for the Democrats or the Republicans. I hope that people in the Forward Party can enlighten me more about what the party means and what it wants for the American people.

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