Chrislin Flanagan Named Executive Director of Urban Alliance, Chicago Region

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Urban Alliance has named Chrislin Flanagan Executive Director of its Chicago Region. Urban Alliance is a national youth workforce development nonprofit that connects young people to paid internships, mentoring, and professional development opportunities in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and the Greater Washington, DC area. Chrislin will lead the Chicago region’s strategy, partnerships, and operations to build the next generation of local talent. Flanagan’s professional career spans over 20 years with experience in various industries including Banking, Customer Service, FinTech, and Healthcare. Prior to joining Urban Alliance, Flanagan served a dual role as Executive Director and Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Roseland Community Hospital Foundation in Chicago. Roseland became an Urban Alliance employer partner in 2022 and under Flanagan’s leadership the organization provided 17 Chicago high school students with paid internships. Earlier this year, Urban Alliance recognized Roseland as the Employer Partner of the Year in the Chicago region. Urban Alliance works with schools, local organizations, students, and employers to build a more equitable, diverse next-generation workforce. To date, Urban Alliance programs has placed more than 6,000 young people in paid internships, mentoring and professional development opportunities, and provided training to 22,000 additional young people across its Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and the Greater Washington, DC regions. Visit

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