The Leftist Split on the Israel-Hamas War

By Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryThe Israel-Hamas War has somehow divided this country in more unique ways than one. This seems to be true among the political left and extreme left. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is pro-Palestinian Arab, and makes no bones about it. The DSA has called the State of Israel a “settler state” and an “imperialist colonial occupier of Palestinian lands.” Because of DSA’s stand, many DSA members have left the organization—especially Jewish members. Another leftist party, Workers World Party, has also come out as pro-Palestinian Arab. They have even harsher language in how they describe Israel which I will not go into here. Suffice it say that they see the actions of the Palestinian Arabs as a fight for freedom against a “colonial occupier.” Interestingly enough, the Socialist Workers Party USA supports Israel. In the party’s view, Israel was unduly attacked and that Hamas was guilty of crimes against humanity and of attempted genocide against the Jewish people. It amazes me how three separate political leftist entities use the same Marxist criteria to come to very different conclusions.

The Progressive Labor Party USA has essentially condemned both, but more Israel than Hamas. The Communist Party USA (yes, the one which once unconditionally supported the Soviet Union) condemns Israel and supports the Palestinian Arabs. The Green Party USA condemns Israel’s actions and calls it genocide against the Palestinian Arabs. The Party for Socialism and Liberation believes that the United States and Israel concocted the crimes and atrocities by Hamas to justify total extermination of the Palestinian Arabs. The Freedom Socialist Party believes that Israel is conducting a campaign of “genocide” against the Palestinians in Gaza. Socialist Action talks about “Israeli war crimes,” but seems to be quiet about Hamas war crimes. And finally the Freedom Socialist Road Organization, which is unabashedly pro-China, believes that Hamas “struck a blow for freedom against the “Israeli apartheid state.” I guess the crimes and atrocities committed by Hamas don’t count.

At this point my head is ready to explode. Clearly just about every organization and party on the political left is for the Palestinian Arabs because they are seen as among the ultimate oppressed of the world. However, many individuals who had belonged to some of these organizations are now questioning this logic. The Israel-Hamas War seems to be having a divisive effect on the political left as it seems to be having in other sectors of American society.

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