Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa Steps Down Following Harassment Accusation of Fellow Colleague

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsFollowing harassment claims, Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa stepped down at City Council Floor Leader and as Chairman of the Zoning Committee on Monday.

Ramirez-Rosa was accused of harassing and verbally assaulting Ald. Emma Mitts during a meeting last Thursday to discuss a bid to ask voters during the incoming March primary if Chicago should maintain its sanctuary city status. At least 26 alderpeople must be present for the referendum vote to take place, but after several attempts, the attendance was insufficient.

“The bullying by Floor Leader Ramirez-Rosa to Chairwoman Emma Mitts, City Council’s current longest-serving woman, was unprofessional and unbecoming of his role. Alderman Ramirez-Rosa’s actions of physical and verbal harassment have let down our council and the people of Chicago. In our roles, we must uphold the values of respect and collaboration,” shared the Chicago Aldermanic Black Caucus in a statement to media.

After a weekend of calls for Ramirez-Rosa’s resignation and a protest held on Sunday, Ramirez-Rosa announced he would be stepping down in a statement released on Monday. “Tensions were high at a chaotic meeting, and I let that get the best of me, leading me to act in a way unbecoming of a leader. I sincerely apologize to my colleague, Alderman Emma Mitts, for the disrespectful interaction outside of Council Chambers. I also apologize to other colleagues who I have heard also felt disrespected and harmed by my actions –Alderpeople Lee, Cardona, and Taliaferro,” Ramirez-Rosa said.

“Of all his theatrics and antics witnessed today, I am thoroughly disgusted and infuriated by Floor Leader Ramirez-Rosa harassing and manhandling my colleague from the West Side, Ald. Emma mitts. No man has the right to lay hands on anyone, let alone grab a woman and physically block her from exiting trying to intimidate her,” said Ald. Raymond Lopez on the platform X, formerly Twitter.
“Over the weekend, I spoke with Alderwoman Emma Mitts and Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa. Yesterday, Alderman Ramirez-Rosa and I agreed he should step down from his positions as Chicago City Council Floor Leader and Chair of the Committee on Zoning, Landmarks, and Building Standards,” said Mayor Brandon Johnson.

“Alderwoman Mitts is a venerable leader and woman of abiding faith, who is committed to public service and the principles of accountability and mercy. Alderman Ramirez-Rosa has acknowledged his transgressions, apologized to his colleagues and committed himself to rebuilding trust. It is not lost on me that Thursday’s events occurred during a time of heightened tension at City Hall. In recent months, the forces of division have preyed on our city, pitting us against each other in the most destructive ways. I am confident we will find a way to move forward and regain the trust and respect necessary to have a functioning legislative body.”

The City Council will meet again on Tuesday.

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