Secure Your Festive Finances: DoIT and IEMA-OHS Offer Tips for a Cyber-Safe Holiday

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It may be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but one hack on your bank account or credit card could ruin it very quickly. The holidays often bring spurts of online shopping and charitable donations that give cyber criminals lots of opportunity to cause havoc in your life. The Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and Office of Homeland Security (IEMA-OHS) encourage you to step up your digital game by Black Friday on November 24. Tips include:

Steer clear of fake websites: Double-check URLs, look for ‘https://’ and a padlock symbol, and stick with trusted retailers. Be cautious of unsolicited emails.

Beware of phishing emails: Be cautious of phishing emails, avoid suspicious links, and verify senders.

Create strong passwords: Use strong, unique passwords that include letters, numbers, and symbols for each retailer and consider a password manager.

Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true: Staying skeptical of unrealistic deals can protect you from falling into digital traps. Stick to reputable retailers.

Avoid public Wi-FI: Avoid public Wi-Fi networks and use secure connections like home Wi-Fi or cellular data. Consider using a VPN for added protection.

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