Chicago Loop Alliance Unveils Five-Year Strategic Plan for Organization and Loop Neighborhood

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The Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA) releases an extensive five-year strategic organizational plan, commissioned to take advantage of the evolving downtown and CLA’s role in the Loop following several years that significantly altered the district and organization’s business model. To create the report, CLA contracted consulting firm BDS Planning and Urban Design, who conducted focus groups with Loop stakeholders and partners; analyzed the current landscape of Chicago Loop Alliance; and advised on the future trajectory of the organization to meet the Loop’s needs. View the full strategic plan at The five-year strategic plan also incorporates some elements of the recently released Elevate State report developed by an Urban Land Institute technical assistance panel.

Key findings include:

• A refined vision and mission for the organization, as well as four new strategic priority areas – Building Confidence in the Loop; Increasing Chicago Loop Alliance’s Profile and Impact; Ensuring Everyone’s Neighborhood; Creating a Complete Urban District

• Ambitious major moves for the organization to appropriately manage and promote the Loop, including increased revenue streams; enhanced staffing and budget; and significant resources devoted to making the Loop an iconic global destination

• Substantial emphasis on modifying the business model of Chicago Loop Alliance to meet the needs of the district through a Business • Improvement District (BID), which requires state legislation and local government approval

• A situational assessment of Chicago Loop Alliance compared to other major metros, identifying key areas of focus like safety, return to office, and traditional downtown usage shifts

The full list of catalytic actions in each category can be found at

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

Photo Credit: Chicago Loop Alliance

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