Illinois Minimum Wage Increases January 1

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The minimum wage in Illinois is increasing on January 1st, 2024. Workers will see an increase of $1 per hour from $13 to $14. The minimum wage for tipped workers will rise to $8.40 per hour and youth workers (under 18) working fewer than 650 hours per calendar year will see their hourly wage increase to $12 per hour. This will be the sixth increase in the state’s minimum wage since 2019 when Governor JB Pritzker signed historic legislation establishing a schedule of increases culminating in a $15 per hour minimum wage in 2025. Minimum wage workers are encouraged to review their paystubs in the new year to ensure they are being paid correctly. Workers in the City of Chicago are required to be paid at a higher rate, depending on the size of their employer. Employees can file a minimum wage complaint with IDOL, or by calling the Minimum Wage Toll Free Hotline: (800) 478-3998.

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