Lt. Governor Stratton Launches New Statewide Initiative

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Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton is launching a new initiative dedicated to advancing women’s financial wholeness: We Thrive. We Thrive is focused on fostering financial health, freedom and resilience for all women in Illinois. As both a woman leader and Chair of the Illinois Council on Women and Girls, Lt. Governor Stratton understands women have a huge role to play in the state’s financial success, but systemic barriers continue to prevent women from wholly engaging in the economy. We Thrive is a major step towards financially empowering women across Illinois—half of our state’s population—to engage in the economy with confidence. “From day one, our administration has been focused on making Illinois the best state in the nation for women and girls. The wage gap gets a lot of attention, but the root of the issue goes deeper. As a working mother and caregiver, I have been directly impacted by some of the systemic hurdles that continue this cycle of inequity,” said Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton. “We Thrive is a commitment to help Illinois’ women through all phases of financial decision-making, whether it’s accessing childcare, negotiating salaries, getting out of debt or planning for retirement. When women thrive, we all thrive.”

The We Thrive initiative kicked off with a roundtable discussion with women leaders hosted by Lt. Governor Stratton convening to discuss both the obstacles to and opportunities for Illinois’ women to advance in our economy.  Subsequently, Lt. Governor Stratton will host We Chats, listening sessions to engage women from diverse backgrounds in every corner of our state. “As an organization dedicated to creating economic power for women across Illinois, we are tremendously proud to be joining Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton for the We Thrive launch,” said Cherita Ellens, President and CEO of Women Employed. “I applaud the attention that Lieutenant Governor Stratton is placing on the gaps for women in the workplace, and I hope that this new initiative puts a spotlight on the issues working women face, but also finds solutions to make sure every woman in Illinois can thrive.”

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