Former Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot Announces New Organization

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Former Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and colleagues today announced the launch of a new nonprofit, Chicago Vibrant Neighborhoods Collective. The mission of Chicago Vibrant Neighborhoods Collective (CVNC) is to help build healthy, vibrant communities in neighborhoods that have historically experienced disinvestment by providing small and medium homegrown community-based organizations (CBOs) with a suite of tools, resources, and opportunities for collaboration, sustainable service delivery, and the creation and maintenance of a thriving community. Mayor Lightfoot, who serves as the Board Chair and Senior Advisor, founded CNVC with former mayoral colleagues after extensive feedback from community leaders both during and after her time in office that CBOs serving as community anchors did not have the administrative infrastructure and resources for sustained service delivery and growth. Jaye Stapleton, former deputy mayor for Education and Human Services, serves as the Executive Director. CVNC provides CBOs with a menu of back office supports such as capacity building and technical assistance for budgeting and finance, data analytics, fundraising and diversification, marketing and communications, board development and more. CNVC’s capacity building model is tailored to each CBO client, with CBO clients taking an active role in co-designing their own support plans. Technical assistance is free to client CBOs.  To learn more about CVNC, please visit:

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