Property Owners Urged to Pay Late Taxes to Avoid Annual Tax Sale

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Cook County property owners are running out of time to pay taxes that were due in 2022 and avoid the Annual Tax Sale. To find out if your property is on the Annual Tax Sale list:

• Go to

• Use the purple box on the home page labeled “Your Property Tax Overview” and search using an address or Property Index Number (PIN)

• A banner with an urgent warning will appear if your property is on the Annual Tax Sale list.

You may also use the website to correct your mailing address. Each year the U.S. Postal Service returns thousands of certified notices sent to owners of properties on the Annual Tax Sale list because property owners have not kept their mailing addresses up to date. The Annual Tax Sale will occur through January 12th for properties with unpaid 2021 property taxes due in 2022. Delinquent tax bills will be re-offered for sale on Jan. 16. The Annual Tax Sale occurs 13 months after the due date. Payment can be made in five ways:

• Online for free at

• In person at any Chase Bank location in Illinois.

• In person at any of more than 100 community banks where you have an account

• By mail

• In person at the Treasurer’s Office

For more information, visit

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