Humboldt Park Health Makes History

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Humboldt Park Health, formerly known as Norwegian American Hospital, proudly announces its achievement of the Healthcare Equity Certification from The Joint Commission. This ground-breaking and prestigious certification makes Humboldt Park Health the thirteenth hospital in the country and the first in Illinois, as well as the first in the Midwest, to receive this recognition, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s commitment to equitable healthcare. The Healthcare Equity Certification Program, established by The Joint Commission, acknowledges organizations that prioritize healthcare equity as a strategic imperative. It recognizes institutions that collaborate with patients, families, caregivers, and external stakeholders to identify and address healthcare disparities, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for all communities. The journey towards achieving this certification has been a multi-year endeavor, reflecting Humboldt Park Health’s steadfast dedication to promoting health equity and addressing healthcare disparities. By embracing a patient-centered approach and fostering partnerships with diverse stakeholders, Humboldt Park Health continues to advance its mission of delivering high-quality, accessible, and equitable healthcare to the community. For more information about Humboldt Park Health and its healthcare equity initiatives, visit

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