City of Chicago Introduces Pilot Program to Offer Chicago Residents Relief with Leak-Related Water Bills

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Mayor Brandon Johnson, Department of Finance (DOF), and the Department of Water Management (DWM) commend the passage through the Finance Committee of the Water Leak-Relief Pilot Program (LRP), a new initiative designed to provide substantial financial relief to residents facing exorbitant water bills due to underground water leaks. This two-year pilot program, which would start on January 1, 2025, supports Mayor Johnson’s commitment to providing financial relief to Chicago’s working families. The ordinance will go to the full City Council for a vote on May 22, 2024.  The LRP aims to assist residents who have experienced significant increases in their water bills due to undetected or sudden water leaks. Eligibility for the program requires property ownership and confirmation of a repaired leak by the Department of Water Management. The Water Leak Relief Pilot Program is designed to be accessible to a wide range of property owners, including those owning single-family homes, 2-flats, 3-flats, and commercial properties with water service lines one inch in size or smaller. This inclusivity ensures that the program can benefit a broad segment of the city’s population.  The program includes a provision for those with outstanding balances to enroll in a payment plan—starting as low as $25 per month—offering further financial assistance and flexibility. As the City prepares to launch the Water Leak Relief Pilot Program in January 2025, specific details regarding the application process are still being finalized.

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