City of Chicago Unveils New Summer Safety Plan

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsOutdoor activities are in full swing and as a result the City of Chicago announced their summer safety plan, underscored by a $100 million investment from the FY24 budget. The safety plan aims to strengthen anti-violence programs, CPD deployments, and restorative justice programs. “Today marks a significant step forward in our commitment to community safety and well-being,” said Mayor Brandon Johnson. “Our historic investments and innovative approaches demonstrate our dedication to creating a safer, more equitable Chicago for all residents.” A core part of their comprehensive safety plan is The People’s Plan for Community Safety that was launched last year. A two-pronged strategy will be implemented in priority neighborhoods to address the historic disinvestment by layering investments focused on nourishing the foundations of community.

“Everyone in this city, including every family and every child, deserves to enjoy the summer without the fear of violence,” said CPD Superintendent Larry Snelling. “Our summer plan is built on a year-long effort to allocate our resources efficiently and make sure each neighborhood across the city has what its residents need to feel and be safe.”  Addressing violent crimes remains paramount, with a focus on armed robberies and vehicular hijackings through data-driven deployments and the Citywide Robbery Task Force, according to the Mayor Johnson. Enhanced investigations, supported by intelligence and technology, complement additional resource deployments in key areas like the lakefront, beaches, and the central business district.

Key Highlights of the Summer Safety Plan:

$100 Million Allocated: The FY24 budget channels substantial funding towards anti-violence programming, restorative justice, re-entry services, and prevention strategies for domestic and gender-based violence.

Community Safety Coordination Center (CSCC): This pivotal entity will spearhead the implementation of various initiatives, ensuring a coordinated and effective approach.

People- and Place-Based Approach: This initiative prioritizes investment in historically marginalized communities, addressing both people- and place-based factors contributing to violence.

Nearly 400 New Civilian Positions: The FY24 budget introduces additional civilian roles within the CPD, along with 200 promotional opportunities within the Bureau of Detectives, aimed at enhancing clearance rates without increasing overall headcount.

One Summer Chicago (OSC): DFSS, in partnership with local stakeholders, offers paid work experiences and mentoring opportunities for youth, fostering skill development and community engagement.

For more information on the City of Chicago’s comprehensive summer safety plan and initiatives, visit

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