Clerk Valencia Launches New Appointment System for CityKey Events

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

As a part of two-phase approach, Clerk Anna Valencia rolled out a new CityKey appointment system today to make mobile ID printing events more effective and efficient. The implementation of the appointment system is phase one of ongoing efforts to meet the high demand for the program. Phase two of the plan is the development of an online platform that will allow residents to apply for their CityKey and receive it through the mail. To qualify for a CityKey, applicants must present the required Proof of Identity and Proof of Residency documents. Under the new system, applicants can view, schedule and cancel appointments. To schedule an appointment, residents can search by location or time using CityKey’s appointment website They will be instructed to select the number of applicants, no more than four, and their appointment time. Lastly, confirmation codes will be provided that must be shown at the time of the appointment. Applicants must arrive to their appointment on time, or they will have to schedule another appointment at a future event if they are still interested in obtaining a CityKey. CityKey is a free and optional government-issued 4-in-1 ID serving as a Ventra card, library and Chicago Rx Prescription Discount Card available to all Chicagoans and can be obtained through the City Clerk’s mobile printing events.

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