National Small Business Week Spotlights Contributions of Small Businesses

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The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) announced recent business support enhancements and initiatives ahead of National Small Business Week (NSBW). This year, NSBW takes place through May 4th and recognizes the hard work, ingenuity, and contributions to the economy of small business owners. NSBW, sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), acknowledges the critical contributions of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  BACP recent efforts include:  

Increasing transparency by displaying live in-person service wait times at the Small Business Center: Businesses can now see live in-person service wait times at the Small Business Center online. The live-updated readout provides businesses with the predictability they need when coming to the Center for licensing services. Wait times are also displayed on a screen in the Small Business Center. See live wait times on the “Visit Us” button at  

Offering a remote queuing system for in-person visits to the Small Business Center: Businesses can now get a place in line to meet with a business consultant at the Small Business Center from the comfort of their phone or computer. Services tickets are also provided onsite. To get in line, visit

Hosting webinars: BACP will conduct webinars to provide in-depth information on various business topics, offering a platform for Q&A sessions. 

In recognition of NSBW, BACP will hold educational webinars. To learn more and to register for a webinar, visit

• Thursday, May 2nd at 10:00 a.m.: Access Capital to Buy or Renovate Your Small presented by SomerCor. 

• Friday, May 3rd at 9:30 a.m.: Building on America’s Small Business Boom presented by the U.S. SBA. 

Learn more about by visiting

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