PCC Board of Directors Appoints New CEO

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The Board of Directors at PCC Community Wellness Center announced the appointment of Alyssa Sianghio, former Chief Administrator Officer at Lawndale Christian Health Center, as the new President and CEO. Sianghio’s appointment is part of the Board’s commitment to maintain stability at PCC while upholding its mission to improve health outcomes for the medically underserved community through the provision of high-quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare. Sianghio brings extensive leadership experience in healthcare, particularly working for nonprofits and FQHCs, and is passionate about developing effective processes, strategic programs, and partnerships. She comes to PCC from Lawndale Christian Health Center where she served as Chief Administrative Officer. At Lawndale Christian, she was responsible for the supervision of administrative and business operation directors, including operational responsibilities for more than 80,000 patients. Her key accomplishments included overseeing multi-year strategic planning and data visualizations, developing a new wage system with an emphasis on transparency and equity, and spearheading a new model of care for aging adults as part of a statewide initiative, Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Before her role as CAO, Sianghio served as Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President of Strategy and Public Affairs, where she was the advocacy liaison to elected officials and staff policy, while also assuming the responsibility for clinical compliance and privacy and strategic planning.

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