Congressman García’s Statement in Response to Biden’s Executive Order on Immigration

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Congressman Jesús “Chuy” García (IL-04) issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s announcement of new asylum restrictions:
“Today’s announcement by President Biden is his most restrictive border policy yet. The Executive Order contradicts international and domestic law—previous asylum bans have been repeatedly struck down by U.S. courts—and runs contrary to our values as a nation. This renewed ban is bad policy, since evidence suggests asylum bans simply do not work. It is also bad politics, since it attempts to mimic Trump-like policies and puts evidence-based immigration reform yet further out of reach. To see this administration continue to push for extreme policies is disappointing and demoralizing for our communities.

“This is not an easy situation. Border communities and welcoming cities like Chicago are struggling to get the federal resources they need as migrants continue to arrive. But we should not be responding to these challenges with politically-motivated policies that do not work.
“This Executive Order will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis at the border while increasing family separations and unlawful deportations. Our country should be a safe harbor for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, looking for safety. That’s the true spirit of our nation.”

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