Illinois gas tax rises to 47 cents a gallon July 1

Courtesy of Illinois Policy Institute

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessIllinois’ second-highest in the nation gas taxes will go up again July 1 as the state motor fuel tax hits 47 cents per gallon. That means the average driver in Illinois will pay $184 more in state gas taxes each year than before Gov. J.B. Pritzker doubled the tax in 2019, according to the Illinois Policy Institute. Gas tax hikes disproportionately affect middle- and lower-income families as they give up the greatest share of their household budgets for gasoline. Overall, Illinois has the seventh-most expensive retail gas price in the nation, with all state, local and federal taxes and fees contributing to about 40 percent of the total cost at the pump. In total, lawmakers will hit Illinoisans with $1.1 billion in tax hikes in the coming year to support a record $53.1 billion state budget. Other tax hikes hitting taxpayers on July 1 include $200 million in taxes on sports wagering, $35 million on video gaming taxes and $60 million for bookings at select hotels. To read more about Illinois’ gas tax increases, visit

Photo Credit: Illinois Policy Institute

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