Undocumented Illinois Immigrants Block Broadview Detention Center Road

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsA group of seven undocumented immigrants from Illinois sat down across Beach Street, in front of the Broadview Detention Facility, linking arms together using pipes, chains, and locks. They were protesting the record-high deportations under President Obama, and the lack of leadership from Illinois representatives to call for a suspension of these deportations.

“I am tired of living in fear of having my family separated at any moment. Why are we losing 1,100 people every day while legislators talk about immigration reform, when the President has the power to suspend deportations of our parents now, just as he did with students,” said Xanat Sobrevilla, an undocumented immigrant taking part in the blockade who received her deferred action last winter.

“We are asking Senator Durbin to help us deliver our message to the President. As a Senator who has supported young people like me, I am asking him to help make sure that my parents are still here to benefit from immigration reform,” stated Sobrevilla.

Ma. del Socorro Martinez Garcia, 41; Xanat Sobrevilla, 25; Miguel Martinez, 22; Stephanie Camba, 22; Jesús Morales, 24; Jose Martinez, 21; Hugo Dominguez, 23 are all living in the state who have known family members, friends, or neighbors who have been deported or placed in detention.

The protesters also urged the public to support three cases of people facing deportation in Illinois by calling the Chicago immigration office in their support. Wilmar Guzman (A# 097-745-437), Lourdes Moreno Carrero (A# 200-837-411) and Octavio Nava Cabrera (A# 075-785-334) are all Illinois residents facing deportation, whose cases supporters and family argue should be closed as low priority according to the prosecutorial discretion guidelines.

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