Cook County Announces New County Flag

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The Cook County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday, Flag Day as the County approaches its 200th Anniversary year, in the Legislation and Intergovernmental Relations Committee to vote for “I Will” as the new flag for Cook County. This historic vote coincides with the celebration of Flag Day and elevates the importance of representation in all its forms. A public flag raising ceremony is planned for late summer in Daley Plaza.  The “I Will” flag was designed by Glenbrook South H.S. High School student Andrew Duffy and mentored by Cook County Bureau of Administration Graphic Designer Martin Burciaga. The flag shows through color, shape, and symbolism the importance of the County’s waterways, the beauty of its natural lands, the innovation and commerce of its residents, and its core belief in social justice. The County’s old flag is the seal – itself a literal depiction of Cook County’s 30 Townships and the date of the County’s founding – on a blank white background with the name of the County surrounding it. That flag was raised over the County Building for the very first time on Tuesday, June 13, 1961. Now, 61 years and a day later, Cook County unveils a new symbolic flag that uses imagery, shapes, and colors to show our heritage.  To learn more about the flag redesign process, competition, participants, and designs, please visit:

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