The Stupid Mystery of the Cadborosaurus

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryIn 2009, a video was shot of some large snake-like creature moving in the waters in the Gulf of Alaska. Problem, the video was blurry and you cannot make out exactly what it was. Some say it was a water snake. Some say it was a series of otters. Some say it may have been a whale. Still some say it is as yet an undiscovered primitive reptile. And on that basis it has been named Cadborosaurus. It was so named after a similar creature was spotted in Cadboro Bay in Canada.

Welcome to the realm of belief where we only have videos and photos of this whatever it is and no hard evidence. No evidence has ever been found, no solid proof has ever been produced that it is some kind of prehistoric critter from the age of the dinosaurs, and not even circumstantial evidence that such a creature really does exist. Now we have people in Alaska and in parts of Canada swearing that they saw this kind of primitive critter running all over the waters of Alaska and Canada.

In the whole history of humanity we have never found anything bigger than a monitor lizard in Indonesia or an alligator in Florida. The dinosaurs ceased to exist because the Earth changed so much that the environment, the food the dinosaurs ate, and indeed the scale of the food chain they knew changed so completely that huge lizards simply can no longer exist. This realization should make it clear that any kind of “saurus” can no longer exist. Nevertheless, people want to believe, and because of this the Cadborosaurus has joined the ranks of the impossible to prove others like the Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, the chubacabra, etc.

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