What Can the Right Tutor Do for Your Child?

By: Dr. William McMiller

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationYou know the truth. A good education means a good life. Too many Black, brown and Afro-Latino students in our neighborhoods will soon find out that ugly flipside truth: no school success means a harder and shorter life in Chicago. What can a parent do when schools, doctors, hospitals, boot camps, afterschool programs or jails don’t help? Too often parents of students with special education needs, or bad school attitude, or heavy family issues can’t find affordable tutors to help their struggling second to tenth graders. The latest research shows that specialized, intensive, motivating, and culturally relevant tutoring can turn around failures best identified after 1st grade. We now know that by 10th grade the issues that lead to academic failure, dropout, and a lifetime of learning disability have gone too far for our children. You must find and keep the right of help before tenth grade when it is probably too late. Our country is slowly responding to this crisis but for you, healing needs to happen now and on a child-by-child basis. Waiting for someone else or something to close the education gap permanently for our children is just not an option.

So what’s a parent to do now? There are good services with the right kind of tutoring. But, they are hard to find! Special help services such as Universities or Social Associations are worth seeking out and waiting for. We offer an alternative opportunity for special services that is here, in the neighborhood. We are specialized for special students with learning disability, ADD, anxiety and poor motivation.

Dr. Bill’s learning Center is a family focused, holistic, specialized tutoring program with an interdisciplinary team dedicated to bettering improving the educational outcomes for children like yours. Unlike most other tutoring centers, we help bridging the ‘academic achievements gap’ with creative holistic services. We offer individualized, one on one supplemental special instruction by trained tutors and much more. Our unique integrated services include art therapy, which helps build alternative learning venues, creative skills and stress management. Dr. Bill’s Learning Center’s nutrition counseling service helps educate families to connect a healthy and balanced diet to better brain development. Our mentoring service complements the academic assistance to uplift and empower our students. All our efforts focus on mastering fundamental skills that will strengthen your child’s self-confidence, organization and cognitive abilities for life. We have put it all together so that the right tutor can ‘get it right’ for your child!

We look forward to answering your questions, serving your special students, or just giving you an encouraging word in your and our struggle to close that dreaded achievement gap. Your children deserve as do all of our children- a happy and productive future. Don’t give up! If you don’t us, then please call someone now for help, before it’s too late! Best wishes this season from Dr. Bill and staff.

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