175 Ways to Love Chicago

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local NewsIn anticipation of the City of Chicago’s 175th birthday, the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture is asking 35 notable Chicagoans to share their unique perspectives on what they love most about the city, then posting them on ExploreChicago.org, the City of Chicago’s Official Tourism Site, beginning this week. For 35 days leading up to the City’s March 4 birthday, “175 Ways to Love Chicago” will provide an engaging forum for locals to honor their city by sharing five personal insights about what makes them proud to be a Chicagoan.

Each weekday for 35 days, one Chicagoan’s list of five favorites will be featured on the ExploreChicago blog, which can be found on ExploreChicago.org. Once all 35 lists are posted, “175 Ways to Love Chicago” will provide a unique body of content that will live on through ExploreChicago.org to inspire millions of visitors and residents. “175 Ways to Love Chicago” promotes the upcoming 175th birthday of the City of Chicago. Then, beginning March 4, enjoy “175 Days to Love Chicago.” For more information, visit www.ExploreChicago.org.

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