Youth Taught Skills to Lead Future Generation

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationOne hundred and five youth workers were honored for completing Advancing Youth Development (AYD) and Supervising Youth Development Practice (SYDP) during a graduation ceremony on April 13, at the Gary Comer Youth Center, 7200 S. Ingleside. AYD and SYDP are two professional development programs offered as part of a partnership between Chicago Area Project (CAP) and the Chicago Department of Family Support Services in Chicago and CAP. The graduates from several community, governmental, and educational agencies throughout the City of Chicago joined more than 4800 youth workers in Chicago and the suburbs who have enhanced their skills through CAPs professional development programs. Since 2002, more than 4800 youth workers have graduated from accredited professional development programs managed by Chicago Area Project. For information on future AYD and SYDP classes call Joy Hernandez at 312-588-3845.

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