Governor Pat Quinn Signs Bill Supported by HACIA

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessThe Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA) would like to congratulate Governor Pat Quinn on signing the Voluntary Reporting Goals for Utilities Bill: SB2526. HACIA backs the bill because it will require all Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)-regulated utility companies to provide an annual report indicating procurement goals and actual spending on small businesses and enterprises owned by minorities, women and veterans.

“We are pleased Governor Quinn has signed this bill and it’s moving forward,” said Jorge J. Perez, executive director of HACIA. “Utilities have always had opportunities for our members. We look forward to continue working with them and Governor Quinn’s administration on the implementation of this bill.”

HACIA Board President and President of DesignBridge, Ltd. Victor Ignacio Dziekiewicz said this was another important step in recognizing the diversity of this state and the diversity of this country. “We are working together with the governor and legislature to really make an impact on this recognition and the ability for small and minority businesses to share what the state supports.”

Governor Quinn signed the bill at the State of Illinois Building. Each year, ICC-regulated utilities spend billions of dollars on contractors and supplies. However, of the 52 utilities regulated by the ICC, only ten publicly state any diversity procurement and contracting initiatives. Those ten do not indicate how they are doing on meeting those goals, which will change thanks to the Bill.

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