The Sensata Workers: The Truth Gets Sicker

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - CommentaryEverywhere Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney goes, some of the Sensata Technologies workers from Freeport, Illinois, follow to protest. As I wrote before, the workers at Sensata Technologies will lose their jobs at the end of this year. Sensata Technologies is owned by Bain Capital—the corporation that current candidate Romney helped to build. Although he is no longer in a management position at Bain Capital, Romney still has investments in that company worth $7.8 million dollars and he had pledged earlier this year that he would “protect and save” American jobs as president. Since he has done nothing for the Sensata workers, that pledge rings rather hollow. But it is worse than that. According to information revealed by Gawker, Romney holds a fund called Bain Capital Fund IX, L.P. This fund will help Romney attain more money if the Sensata workers’ jobs are outsourced. And their jobs are being outsourced to China. To add insult to injury, the Sensata workers are being required to train their Chinese replacements.

There is more to this story. According to the Washington Post, when Romney was chief executive of Bain Capital, the company he ran invested in a series of companies that took away high paying American jobs and invested them in low-wage countries like China and India. This is one of the ways Mitt Romney became rich—taking away American jobs and giving them to countries where the wages are low, unions are stifled, and where there is child labor (China and India), and slave labor (China). In other words, the man who might be president is guilty of collaborating with those who have sold American jobs down the river and is guilty in profiting from this. A number of the Sensata workers have gone to Tampa, Florida, for the Republican National Convention. They will both plead for Romney to save their jobs and protest their jobs being sent overseas. I wish the Sensata Technologies workers all the best and all my hopes.

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