Saint Anthony Hospital Hires New Director, Community Wellness

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthSaint Anthony Hospital is excited to welcome Tameeka Christian to its Community Wellness Program. Christian will assume the role of director on October 29, following Paula Casas, LCSW, and Leslie Fiedler, MPH, who held leadership roles at Community Wellness for more than seven years. Christian has 15 years of experience in community-based work. She has organized community residents through schools, churches, block clubs, and other grassroots organizations to help create and implement strategies that address issues surrounding safety, crime, youth, and beautification. She has served on a variety of committees, including Parent Advisory Councils, Local School Councils, and Youth Ready Chicago, to address education, youth, economic development, food deserts, and community gardens. Christian is a licensed professional counselor with a master’s degree in community counseling from Roosevelt University, and she is a life-long resident of the Austin community. More information is available at

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