Redmoon Moves to Pilsen

By: Ashmar Mandou

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessAfter a two-year, city-wide search, Redmoon is overjoyed to have found their new, permanent home in the Pilsen neighborhood.

“We are all thrilled that we have found the home that we have found in Pilsen. We could not have imagined a better location for us to create the next stage of Redmoon as an institution,” said Redmoon Co-Artistic Director Frank Maugeri. “The neighborhood and community around this building is absolutely a perfect collaborator for the institution, meaning there are excited community members, artists, and business members who will enjoy and embrace the Redmoon aesthetic.”

Moving from the West Loop to the cultural hub known as the Creative Industries District, Redmoon’s new 57,000 sq. ft., home, located at 2120 S. Jefferson, will allow for larger-scale productions consistent with Redmoon’s mission to create unique worlds and experiences, both indoor and outdoor, for the public to enjoy. “Our new home will allow us to create spectacle productions that Chicago is quite familiar with Redmoon productions,” said Maugeri. Founded in 1990, Redmoon is an artistic institution that offers its own brand of ‘spectacle production’ by incorporating puppetry and vibrant performances bridging economic, cultural, and generational boundaries.

Supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, the Mayor’s Office, Spectacle Performance and Art Company, and Alderman Danny Solis, Redmoon will permit close to one thousand patrons to experience its large-scale productions throughout the year.

“I’m very enthusiastic about the Redmoon moving into the 25th Ward,” said Ald. Solis in a statement. “This great theater will compliment the already creative rich communities of Pilsen and Chinatown. It is my hope that the Creative Industry District, where Redmoon serves as a performing arts anchor, will encourage people to contribute to the wards economy. The creative arts district will continue to offer unique creative options as well as valuable partnering opportunities for the community at large.”

Maugeri is equally excited to have the opportunity to showcase the work of Redmoon to the community of Pilsen and hopes to spark future collaborative efforts. “Redmoon is an institution that is dedicated and committed to the generation of ritual,” said Maugeri. “We are often devising ceremonies and events that have a similar tone to what the Pilsen community has established. I really hope that when we open our doors to Redmoon that those community members will mark some of our work with their personal aesthetic taste and their personal identity. We have much to learn from the community of makers trained and untrained that reside in Pilsen.”

Redmoon will celebrate its new location on Saturday, March 9th with a special performance of Spectacle Lunatique. For more information and tickets, visit

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