CVS Caremark Donates $250,000 to Chicago State University

Chicago State University announced last week it received a donation from CVS Caremark for a new student center in the College of Pharmacy. CVS Caremark donated $250,000 for the development of the CVS Caremark Student Center and Technology Laboratory. “This donation will help to improve the College’s physical space and technological resources, which greatly enhances student success within the College of Pharmacy. To say thank you is an understatement,” Dean Miriam Mobley Smith, College of Pharmacy, said. CVS Caremark is the largest integrated pharmacy company in the U.S. and employs more than 24,000 pharmacists. The grant, disbursed over a five year period will support pharmacy students by providing:

  • Integrative learning – This laboratory will provide students with an opportunity for small group hands-on experiences in preparing for and conducting presentations and using new technology in their preparatory efforts.
  • Development of practical skills to enhance scholarship– The new center will be used to enhance faculty-student engagement. Through this experience students will improve and expand upon their oral, writing, and research skills.
  • Social interaction– Students will work together to strengthen intercultural language, values and traditions to foster one-team spirit and quality objectives.

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