State Rep. Hernandez Challenges Senator Kirk to ‘Standup for Illinois families’

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - BusinessState Representative Lisa Hernandez Thursday challenged U.S. Senator Mark Kirk to stand up for Illinois families and reverse his vote to reject legislation that would bring comprehensive immigration reform to this country.
Hernandez, joined by other state, county and Chicagoland leaders at a press conference organized by the Latino Caucus held at Benito Juarez High school on Thursday morning.

Kirk voted “No” on a procedural vote on Senate Bill 744 called “The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.”

The motion was merely to permit a public debate on the bill and was adopted by the Senate in a vote of 82-15. Kirk essentially voted to prevent a debate and discussion on the bill in the Senate.

“Senator Kirk’s vote is unfathomable. He has been publicly saying that he supports comprehensive immigration reform and has defined himself as a ‘moderate’ Republican and yet his vote to prevent a public debate and discussion is perplexing,” Hernandez said

“We have 12 days to pass reform in the U.S. Senate. Our Senator Kirk still has not expressed his support while 1,100 families continue to be separated each day and here in Illinois 56, 108 children have lost a parent due to deportations. Latino families are under attack and Senator Kirk has been deaf to their pain.”

Hernandez said that as an elected official from Illinois which has a large immigrant community, he has an obligation to do what’s right for its residents.

“Senator Kirk’s leadership is needed. The Latino community and the public at-large which is clamoring for a clear direction to resolve the nation’s immigration challenges will never forgive nor forget how he votes on immigration reform,” Hernandez said.

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