Missiles from Cuba With Love

By: Daniel Nardini

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Commentary There are more questions than answers, and those answers we have do not paint a good picture. Acting on a tip, the Panamanian authorities seized a North Korean-flagged ship heading through the Panama Canal. Its final destination was of course North Korea. The tip stated that there were illegal drugs on board the ship. This would come as no horrible shock—North Korea is known for producing heroin from opium poppies grown in that country. However, what the Panamanian authorities did find was truly shocking. Instead of drugs they found missiles, missile parts and sophisticated missile guidance equipment. Also, guns and ammunition was found.

All of this was heading for North Korea, and no doubt this would have boosted North Korea’s missile program by years. What was on board this ship could have helped the North Korean government build inter-mediate and long-range missiles capable of hitting the United States with far better accuracy than what the North Koreans have now. The ship originally set sail from Cuba. The Cuban government has claimed that these missiles are obsolete and that the North Korean government was going to “rework” them. This whole incident raises a whole lot of questions and alarm bells. First, if these missiles and missile equipment originally came from Cuba, then how did the Cuban government get a hold of all this? Are they as truly old as the Cuban government claims (and anyways, it is still a violation of the United Nations’ resolutions on North Korea) If not, where did all of these missiles and missile technology come from? Now it makes us ask, if Cuba did have these weapons, is Cuba now developing its own missile technology, and will any of this be for export?

To put it mildly, this is all frightening. Is now Cuba providing sophisticated weaponry to North Korea, and if not Cuba, is Cuba becoming a conduit for sophisticated weaponry for North Korea? If Cuba is a conduit, then where is the weaponry ultimately coming from? I seriously doubt China is sending all of this weaponry to North Korea this way since the Chinese government can easily send any and all military hardware through the China-North Korea border. But this revelation is adding a whole new dimension to the term “Axis of Evil” as former U.S. President George W. Bush coined. The question is who really is all part of this new Axis of Evil?

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