Mount Sinai Hospital Opens New Birth Center

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - HealthMount Sinai Hospital’s Birth Center opened its new birthing suite, designed for mothers desiring natural childbirth, with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Aug. 9. The suite offers advanced obstetrical services in a private, peaceful environment. A highlight of the new suite is a laboring tub, which offers women desiring natural childbirth a drug-free way to manage pain and relax during the early stages of labor.

“Over the years, thousands of families have chosen Mount Sinai as the perfect place to deliver their babies,” said Mount Sinai Hospital Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Karen Teitelbaum.

The new suite features soft lighting, a flat screen TV, a queen size bed, refrigerator, small dining area, blanket warmers and best of all, the laboring tub. The entire suite is designed to make labor and delivery a more comfortable and positive experience for parents and their babies.

“Warm water immersion in a tub during the first stage of labor helps a woman work with her body,” said Mount Sinai Nursing Director Denise Delves, RN, a nurse-midwife who was instrumental in bringing the birthing suite with laboring tub to the hospital.

The therapeutic benefits of warm water immersion during labor have been known for centuries. Studies have shown that women who use a bath during labor have less pain and fewer epidurals. The hospital does not use the tub for delivery, but only for the early stage of labor, and only for women who have had healthy, full-term pregnancies.

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