School Board Members Deserve Community ‘Thank You’

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - EducationNovember 15, 2013, has been designated as School Board Members Day in Illinois, and J. Sterling Morton District 201 is joining other districts across the state to thank these community volunteers for their commitment and contributions to public schools.

“Our school board members serve without monetary compensation to make public education the best it can be for every child,” said Dr. Michael Kuzniewski, District 201 Superintendent. “During these trying fiscal times, they develop policies and make difficult decisions on complex educational and social issues that affect the entire community and the lives of individual students. They bear responsibility and oversight in District 201 for an annual budget of $104 million; 8,400 students in grades 9 to 12; more than 975 employees; and 600 million dollars in assets.”

 “Often we take for granted the service that these education advocates provide. Taking time out to say ‘thank you’ is the least we can do as they provide vision and leadership for student achievement, academic programs, district funding, and school facilities,” Kuzniewski said. “Their service ensures that decisions about local public schools are made locally by those most familiar with the needs of our community. School board members deserve recognition and thanks for their unfailing commitment to the continuing success of our students not just now but into the future.”

The men and women serving J. Sterling Morton District 201 are:

Mr. Jeff Pesek, President
Mr. Joseph Keating, Vice President
Mrs. Jessica Jaramillo-Flores, Secretary
Mr. Michael Iniquez, Member
Dr. Margaret Kelly, Member
Mr. Mark Kraft, Member

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