Vigil Outside of Chicago ICE Field Office In Support of Bring Them Home Families

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Chicago and immigrant families around the country will hold vigils outside local representative and ICE offices to garner support for loved ones currently inside the Otay Detention Center in San Diego, California. The vigil is part of an initiative through the #BringThemHome Campaign to reunite families who were previously separated by deportation and extreme anti-immigrant laws. The vigil will be held Thursday, March 27th at 4:30p.m., outside the Chicago ICE Field Office, 101 W. Congress Parkway.

Last week, Elvira Arellano was part of the fourth group to cross at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego, CA. Two days after being held in ICE custody, Arellano was granted humanitarian parole and released from the Otay Detention Center. ICE has since released two more mothers: Erika Troncoso and Monica Mejia from Arizona.

This month, the Obama Administration passed its two-millionth deportation, separating families and leaving them to face extreme financial, emotional and physical repercussions. The Illinois families include:

Isabel Martinez, mother of an eight year old U.S. citizen daughter who she has not seen in over one year.

Miriam Elizabeth Rodriguez Flores, mother of two U.S. citizen children ages 7 and 5 who she has not seen in over two years. Miriam resides in Juarez, Mexico, a border city prone to violence, drug trade and human trafficking. If deported, Miriam runs the risk of violence and persecution.

Cecilia Garcia, a single mother of two U.S. citizen children who require medical attention. If deported, Cecilia’s children will be forced to return to Mexico without access to proper health care.

Luis Manuel Chavez, a twenty two year old DREAMer who was forced to leave the U.S. in 2012 due to financial barriers that made it impossible for him to access a college education.

Miguel Angel Cedillo, father of two U.S. citizen children ages 3 and 5, who he has not seen in two years after leaving the country in fear of deportation for driving without a license.

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