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Upon graduation, not everyone is ready for the job market. Others may find it hard to find work due to the high unemployment rate in various parts of the country. One possible alternative is AmeriCorps. First inaugurated in 1993, the program started the next year. Today, the program has over 80,000 participants working throughout the United States in such fields as education, public safety, health care and environmental protection. The program is voluntary, and AmeriCorps members assist many public agencies and private organizations in a number of projects to help poor and needy communities. AmeriCorps members help to try and build a better quality of life for those in need. Incentives such as student loan deferment, Public Service Loan forgiveness, and funding for educational expenses has made AmeriCorps attractive to those volunteers who not only need to repay for their college education but also want to contribute to their country in some way. For more information, go to the website AmeriCorps | Corporation for National and Community Service.

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