“Road-trippers” Re-Shaping Education

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

By: Ashmar Mandou

A group of “road-trippers” traveled across the Nation as part of Roadtrip Nation, an organization designed to help young people build fulfilling lives and careers around their interests, to help promote TEACH Roadtrip, a cross country adventure spotlighting individuals working to change the face of education.

The four-week journey took place on Roadtrip Nation’s RV, with three “road-trippers” stopping in several cities to interview high-profile leaders in the realm of education. Recently, the “road-trippers” stopped off in Chicago last Friday to meet with Mayor Rahm Emanuel to listen to his thoughts about the career of teaching and encourage the students to move forward with their passions.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

“Community is made up of people…education changes the character of anyone individual, let alone what that individual can contribute. Education is essential. Every adult owes that not just to their children, but to other people,” said Mayor Emanuel. “So if you are interested in education, do it.”

Participant Media and its Pivot television networked teamed up with Roadtrip Nation. The aim of this organization is to showcase the insights of educators, policymakers, and activists who are affecting communities through their work. For more information, visit roadtripnation.com and roadtripnation.org.

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