Planned Parenthood Illinois Action Announces Endorsement of Pat Quinn for Governor

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Planned Parenthood Illinois Action (PPIA), the non-partisan political and advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood in Illinois, announced its endorsement of Governor Pat Quinn for the November 4th election.

“Governor Pat Quinn has been upfront on his positions for his entire career. Pat Quinn knows that abortion is a deeply personal and often complex decision for a woman,” said Pam Sutherland, vice president of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood Illinois Action. “Quinn has always trusted women and believes politicians cannot make private medical decisions for us.”

PPIA considers a candidate’s record to be a true measure of his or her positions when it comes to access to women’s health care. On the day of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case, Pat Quinn came out strongly for insurance coverage of birth control for all women no matter where they work.

Voters can now access information about candidates in one place with the newly launched online Voter Guide, a voter education tool built by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in collaboration with Planned Parenthood Illinois Action and other Planned Parenthood advocacy organizations across the country. To access the Voter Guide, visit

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