Gift of Hope Honors National Donor Sabbath

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Chicago is home to a conglomerate of diverse cultures and religions, and although they may not all subscribe to the same doctrine, the majority of them share one objective the desire to help others and to serve humanity. It is with this purpose that from November 14 to 16, various well-known religions, churches, and temples in Chicago and surrounding areas will join forces to remind their congregations that organ and tissue donation is a remarkable and humanitarian act of compassion and love. Once again, Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network will share their mission and voice with religious leaders and dedicate this time to inform and promote the benefits of donation to people of faith.

From left to right: Susan Cochran, Shiva Singh Khalsa, Representative of the Sikh Faith, Dr. Shashank Atre, Representative of the Hindu Faith, Raiza Mendoza, Manager of Hispanic Affairs for Gift of Hope, Karen Danielson, Representative of the Islamic Faith

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