RTA Approves Funding for Public Transit Improvements for Town of Cicero

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The Town of Cicero announced this week that it has received a $400,000 grant from the RTA to fund bus stop improvements in the Town of Cicero. In 2012 the Town received a planning grant in the amount of $150,000 through the RTA’s RTAP (Regional Transportation Assistance Program) grant program to create a Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) plan. The plan is officially designated as “the Cicero Connections TOD,” which the Cicero Town Board approved in late 2014.

The Cicero Connections TOD offered several transportation recommendations among several proposals, including one to develop the bus stop improvements throughout the Town of Cicero. Town President Larry Dominick said, “With these funds, the Town will be able to make Bus Stop improvements at 10 of the busiest intersections in the Town of Cicero. These 20 new Tier 1 Bus Stops will incorporate all of the following new amenities, including Bus Stop Signs, Shelters, Benches, Trash bins, Dynamic Next Bus Information Signs and Bus Time Cabinets.”

President Dominick thanked Jose Alvarez, who is the Grant Administrator for the Town of Cicero. Alvarez, Dominick said, developed the grant proposal that won the $400,000 funding for bus stop improvements.

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