Herbalife Victims to Attorney General Lisa Madigan ‘End Herbalife investigation’

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

By: Ashmar Mandou

Members from the Illinois Herbalife Campaign held a press conference on Tuesday morning to urge Attorney General Lisa Madigan to conclude an investigation on Herbalife, Inc. According to the members of the campaign, more than 80 complaints were filed alleging that Herbalife unfairly targets Latinos.

“We need the Attorney General’s office to conclude their investigation and determine how to best protect Illinois consumers from further abuses by Herbalife,” stated Representative Will Guzzardi. “Multilevel marketing schemes like Herbalife often target people with little business experience because they are the most vulnerable to high-pressure offers of entrepreneurship and financial freedom. The harsh reality is that those who fail at the Herbalife business opportunity are those who can least afford it.”

Attorney General Madigan began the investigation into Herbalife last April after dozens of victims from Illinois filed complaints with her office documenting the financial losses through working with Herbalife. However, many victims have felt they have not received sufficient support from Madigan’s office. The Attorney General’s office encourages victims of Herbalife to file a complaint with their office by calling the Illinois Herbalife Campaign hotline at 855-701-5437.

“Herbalife has made billions of dollars by specifically targeting vulnerable members of the Latino community and we need Attorney General Madigan to put an end to Herbalife’s brazenly dishonest business practices,” said Olivia Hernandez, executive director of Centro Comunitario Juan Diego. “We’ve raised awareness of the allegations against Herbalife and shared the stories of the victims filing complaints. What else do we need to do to for Attorney General Madigan to help our community?”

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