Latino Art Beat Film “The Dance” Triumphant Premiere at the Lake Theatre

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Latino Art Beats premiere screening of its short mystery romance film, “The Dance” was received this past weekend by a very enthusiastic audience at The Lake Theatre in downtown Oak Park, IL. This film is the second in Latino Art Beats trilogy of “scary movies” for a younger audience about the adventures of two teen high school students and their encounters with the paranormal. Young high school junior Ernesto is convinced by his friend Clint to attend his schools 50th anniversary dance alone, as he just couldn’t seem to find a date. But when Ernesto encounters the girl of his dreams at the school dance – and dances the night away, he later discovers that Juliana is not what she appears to be. Latino Art Beat, in addition to its annual “Youth Short Film Competition” for young filmmakers for which it awards college scholarships to select winners, also offers an art competition, this year themed “What Sports Mean to Me?” For more information on the youth film or art competition visit the website:

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