Miss Cicero Dafne Villasenor Talks Bullying with Cicero Students

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

A victim of bullying herself, Senorita Cicero 2014 Dafne Villasenor made the issue a part of her platform and raise awareness about the destructive behavior that is destroying many young lives. Villasenor has been visiting many schools in the Town of Cicero bringing awareness to many children on how bullying can destroy the lives of not just the victims, but also the perpetrators. “This is an epidemic that is destroying our children and it must stop, said Villasenor. “It begins with every individual, one child at a time.” Villasenor explained many forms of bullying from cyber social media to verbal and physical abuse. Villasenor continues her presentation with facts and statistics and concluded by sharing how she overcame bullying by having a positive attitude. Villasenor is finishing her education at Morton College and plans to continue studying at the University of Illinois majoring in business administration.

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