PSMEMC Signs Letter to Springfield Legislators Over Medicaid Budget Cuts

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Health

Last week, hundreds of PSMEMC signed “The Big Letters” to Illinois State Representatives and State Senators — voicing their concerns over proposed Medicaid budget cuts. Poster-sized letters were on display at both PSMEMC campuses. State officials have proposed significant cuts to Medicaid funding to help balance the state budget. These proposed cuts, about $1.5 billion as proposed, would have a catastrophic impact on PSMEMC and the mission to serve those most in need in the community. The Big Letters will then be hand-delivered to Springfield lawmakers.


Martin Judd (fourth from left) Regional President and CEO, Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center (PSMEMC), signs “The Big Letter” with (left to right) Sue Lambert, Regional Chief Nursing Officer and Support Services; Sonya Gonzalez, cashier, Food Services; Sophie Gamrat, cook, Food Services; Crystal Hernandez, nursing assistant, Telemetry; Mirtia Tellado, nursing assistant, Telemetry; and Adolfo Llano, MD, interim chief medical officer.

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