United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation Congratulates Two NMA Fighters

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The UMMAF (United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation) is proud to congratulate two of their new National MMA fighters for having excellent scholarship in College:

Two time National Champion Carlos Hernandez Jr.

Carlos is attending St. Mary’s university of Minnesota he just completed the last semester of his junior year where he is majoring in Sports Management and Marketing, Carlos is also minoring in accounting. His fighting skills are only matched by his academics he was able to earn a 3.5 GPA. While taking 18 Credit hours. Carlos is the 2014 IMMAF World 125 Lb. Champion and has high hopes of winning his second World Title in Las Vegas Nevada. Carlos will be competing against MMA fighting representatives from over thirty foreign countries.

Jose “Shorty” Torres just completed his last year at McKendree University. After graduation, he had to hurry to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Louis Missouri to fight in his final match, to win the coveted USA MMA Title at 135 lbs. Jose “Shorty” Torres was majoring in Leadership and sports and exercise science he completed his final semester with a 3.8 GPA Shorty will also be competing in Las Vegas Nevada beginning on July 6th with the Finals being on July 11th.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

Jose “Shorty” Torres and Carlos will have a whirlwind of activity this summer a proposed fight in Cuba, Brazil, and Praque! (in the Czech Republic) and then Shorty will be leaving to Malaysia to teach the Combat-Do system of fighting, which uses the principles of science to enable the Combat-Do fighters to have a great edge over other competitors. The Malaysian National Team has hired Shorty to teach for one year. They have given him a house, food, equipment and a nice salary. Shorty is hoping to become a Pro Fighter in Malaysia and will be competing in the UFC’s Equivalent in Asia One FC.

Their can do attitude and discipline in school and in fighting make these Combat-Do fighters a force to be reckoned with.

USA Coach Master Bob Schirmer

Email combatdo@aol.com



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