Tabares Discusses Clean Energy Initiatives with Residents

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State Rep. Silvana Tabares, D-Chicago, hosted a town hall meeting with fellow state Rep. Michael J. Zalewski and the Illinois Sierra Club to discuss local and statewide environmental issues. “In order to increase awareness and understanding in the community about current environmental issues, I wanted to host an open discussion about clean energy,” Tabares said. “With the help of Rep. Zalewski and the Sierra Club, I hope constituents were able to get more insight about our environment.”

Tabares partnered with Zalewski and the Sierra Club to begin addressing local concerns on environmental issues. Tabares has backed a number of environmentally friendly projects, including House Bill 2607 which promotes clean energy in Illinois and stimulates green job growth. This measure is an initiative of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, a group of environmental activists and renewable energy businesses, designed to expand renewable energy, increase energy efficiency and require Illinois EPA to place a cap on carbon emissions. For more information about Tabares’ upcoming events, please contact Tabares’ full-time constituent service office at 773-522-1315 or email

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