“Ladrones” is Sure to Steal Your Heart

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By: Amelia Orozco

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Two heart-throb actors, Fernando Colunga and Eduardo “Lalo” Yañez, known for their telenovela status in Latin America and with Latinos this side of the border, star in “Ladrones,” a major motion picture, which opened in U.S. theaters on October 9. In a brief interview, they shared what it was like working together for the first time on a project of this magnitude, and what they hope the film can accomplish. The premise of the story is that of two professional thieves that work to restore justice. These two “Robin Hoods” set out to recover the original land grants taken from Texas families over 100 years ago during the Mexican Revolution. “Ladrones” has all the elements of an action/adventure comedy, but also has enough of an impact to send audiences searching for more answers about this important time in history.

“This movie has no hidden political or controversial agenda,” shared Fernando Colunga, “It is based on something real but more than anything it is meant to entertain,” he said. “We as Latinos can help each other and do the right thing by each other,” he added. “Ladron que roba Ladron” is the first film Colunga starred in, which also speaks to that same topic, of a certain sector of the community being taken of advantage of. “This is not a sequel to that film, but they are certainly related,” he said.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

For two stars that are used to filming one to two episodes a day, filming “Ladrones” went by quicker than planned, as they also simultaneously worked on their respective telenovela projects. This was the first time they worked together. “It was a great adventure. We didn’t see each other until we got there, even though we spoke on the phone all the time. I’m happy that Fernando brought me to this project. We are so grateful to the entire cast ad crew. We are hoping to work again together soon,” shared Yañez.

As a final thought, each shared a piece of advice for aspiring actors who may be on the verge of giving up. “You must breathe, live and dream this,” imparted Fernando Colunga. “I love my career, and it has always been my biggest love, aside from my mother, and because of my career I am able to help my mother and my family and this is why I cannot throw in the towel,” shared Eduardo Yañez.

(Photo 1) Fernando Colunga as Alejandro Toledo and Eduardo Yañez as Santiago Guzman in LADRONES. Photo Credit: Ruben Abud courtesy of Pantelion Films.

(Photo 2) Fernando Colunga as Alejandro Toledo and Miguel Varoni as Emilio Sanchez in LADRONES. Photo Credit: Ruben Abud courtesy of Pantelion Films.

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