McTeacher Fun at Diversey McDonald’s

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Education

On Thursday, December 10th, Belmont-Cragin School held a very successful McTeacher’s Night at the McDonald’s on Diversey in Chicago. The restaurant was full of families supporting the school as well as waiting to see their teachers and Ronald McDonald. Teachers overtook the restaurant serving up delicious meals to students and families to raise money for Belmont-Cragin. The McTeacher jobs included, greeting guests, cleaning the lobby, working the front counter, serving drinks, clearing tables, selling pies, serving ice cream, and even dressing up in a pie costume. Many Belmont-Cragin teachers and parent volunteers worked hard all night. Belmont-Cragin McTeachers had it all covered, and the families enjoyed a spectacular evening. The school plans to use the money raised to go into the fund to support items needed for the school. Lots of students, teachers, families and friends came out in their support. All the kids came to see their teachers work at the Diversey McDonald’s. Many Belmont-Cragin teachers shared the pie costume duties to help raise money for the school. Special thank-you goes to parent coordinator for the parent mentor program, Rosa Lopez, who organized the entire event. The McTeacher’s Night was courtesy of the Diversey McDonald’s owner/operators, John and Carmen DeCarrier.

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