State Senator Omar Aquino Endorses Daniel Biss for Governor

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

This week, Daniel Biss announced the endorsement of State Senator Omar Aquino.

“I’m proud to endorse Daniel Biss for Governor of Illinois,” said Omar Aquino. “I’ve lived in Chicago all my life, so when we talk about issues like education funding and tax reform in Springfield, I know how our actions impact people’s lives. Daniel isn’t afraid to make hard choices, such as redistributing education funding more equitably, even with wealthier schools in his own district. What impresses me the most about Daniel is his dedication to amplifying voices that are typically ignored. When we’re working together, whether to raise the minimum wage, create a student loan bill of rights, or protect undocumented communities, Daniel’s integrity and persistence inspire our colleagues to stand with us. I’m always proud to have Daniel by my side in the legislature, and I’m excited to continue working with him as governor.

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Business

“I’m thrilled to have Omar on our team,” said Daniel Biss. “In order to make state government work for the rest of us, we must expand what we consider politically possible. Central to this vision is overhauling our broken tax system: Omar and I have pursued creative solutions to raise revenue, including closing corporate tax loopholes and levying a financial transaction tax, to make sure corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share. It’s an honor to have Omar as an ally in the legislature and on the campaign trail.”

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