Anti-Fascist Rally Leads to Arrests

Lawndale News Chicago's Bilingual Newspaper - Local News

Caption by Ashmar Mandou

Three arrests were made during an anti-white supremacy protest Tuesday late afternoon in front of the Cook County courthouse on Belmont and Western. Nearly two dozen protesters gathered, some wearing bandanas and others wearing face masks, holding banners condemning white supremacy and chanting “Neo-Nazis go away! Racist, sexist, anti-gay!” Organizers stated they orchestrated the rally to protest a criminal hearing for a man they believe had ties to far-right, white supremacist organizations. According to the man’s attorney, he said he knew of no such ties between his client and the groups. Authorities have not charged the man with any crimes tied to racism. “It’s shameful to base your identity on hatred,” said organizer Sam Zakon, 25, of Chicago. “We want to make sure these people know they are not here in Chicago.” The man’s court hearing was move up and held before the protest. The protest grew blocking the intersection of Clybourn and Western avenues when police ordered activists to return to the sidewalk when an altercation between an officer and a masked protester broke out. As the afternoon progressed, strains grew after another confrontation occurred, which led to another arrest.

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